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re: too much filtration?

	Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 13:58:43 -0600
	From: "emilio" <emilio at interaccess_com>
	Subject: too much filtration?


It may work better to rinse out the cycled 40gal filter in the 120 gal
tank.  I do this with sponge filters with great success .  It may also
help to take water from the old tank and put it in the new one, or you
can plant the tank heavily to start with.  I have noticed that warmer
tanks seem to cycle faster.  I do all of these and At least one of these
work well.

If It is a heavily plant tank the filters and plants maybe competing for
the nutrients.

	Greetings all,

	I've got a couple of questions I hope you don't mind reading:

	1) I've purchased a new fluval 303 and an eheim 2213 to use
	on a 120gallon that hasn't been setup yet.  I'm wondering if
	anything wrong with adding those two new filters to an existing
	tank that's been up for about 7 months (with adequate
filtration)?  Is there
	such thing as too much filtration (for the 40gallon tank)?  I'm
just trying
	to skip as much of the break-in period for my new tank.  And
would this idea

	2) I'd like to get the Glossostigma to grow close to the ground.
I've read
	that this requires a lot of light.  Does anyone have any
guidelines as to
	how much would be needed?  More than 3w/gallon?

	Emilio Ramirez