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Getting rid of BGA

At 03:48 AM 12/29/1999 -0500, JPC suggested: 
>> Does anybody know how to get rid of it [BGA] ?
>the only way to get rid of it is to add erythromycin. 

In my experience with a huge outbreak that occurred while I was in the
Amazon, the best technique is to take a piece of small rigid tubing about
20" long and attach it to a piece of air hose.   Use same for a syphon and
very carefully go thru the tank sucking up all the BGA.   Do this 3-4 times
and it should stay gone.   

This is based on the theory (worked for me for duckweed, bga, bladderwort)
that each plant has its favorite nutrient combo and that if you force that
plant into exponential growth by trimming it will exhaust the combo and die
back.   Has worked so far. 
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