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Subject: Re: Lurker

> James,  your kidding right?  I am not worthy to be mentioned in the same
> digest let alone the same sentence as Roger Miller.  Wow....I feel so smart
> now I think I'm going to add a bunch of phosphates, kill the C02 and drop
> the lighting to .000009 watts per gallon to my wonderfully balance 125g
> planted discus show tank, watch the algae take over,  just to see if I can
> control and reverse the algae growth!     NOT.
> Hope you are back 100% soon and I gotta hand it to you for all the work you
> have done on the "aquascaping project".  Actually (in a nice way), the delay
> works in my favor.  It gives me more time to save up and buy that really
> good digital camera and catch up with the likes of Dave Gromberg,  Chuck
> Gadd and Bob Buettner (and many others).   HA!  Oh Bob B.,  does that
> "bubbling" sound on your web page
> (http://www.cshore.com/luna/Fishpics/Fishpicstn.html)  cause C02
> out-gassing?  Your planted tank photos look OK??
> Anybody have some Heteranthera Zosterifolia to trade for riccia or maybe
> something else?
> Is your tank Y2K Compliant?
> I better get outahere......Happy new year everybody.
> Tom Brennan
> Clifton, VA

No, I haven't had a problem with CO2 outgassing problem due to the bubbling sound on my web page! In fact the only problem I have is that plant growth is so fast that I don't seem to be able to keep up with it and I've got Ambulia trying to sprout from my monitor <G>.

On another note I just got back from my semi annual drive to Uncle Ned's Fish Factory in Millis Mass.  In my quest for the out of the ordinary for my 55 gal. tank I purchased 4  "Flower Shrimp". These are similar to Amano Shrimp but much larger ( about 2 to 3 times the overall size of mature Amano's). I usually do some studying before adding a new life form to my setup, but these were way too interesting to pass up ( and I'm 135 miles from Uncle Ned's!). The web page on freshwater shrimp is now gone and I can't find any info on these critters. About the only thing I know is that they are filter feeders. Anyone have anything more on these shrimp? 

FYI- Uncle Ned's now has a very large supply  (according to an employee about a thousand! ) of real SAE's in stock ready to go, they are about 1 1/2" . They do mail order, but have a min. order. They also have Amano shrimp available also, and something labeled as a "Giant Otto", which appears very much like the standard ones only about 3 inches long. They had no info on these creatures, anyone ever seen or heard about these?

Check out my links page for Uncle Ned's Web page address from here:
Bob Buettner
Relaxing during my week off in Northwest CT