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How much Flourish?

In my 75g tank, I've got 240w of light and high CO2 (approximately 20-30ppm)
with a moderate bio-load.  Before adding any fertilizers or other additives,
I had no measurable Nitrate, and there was a slight algae problem with BBA
and regular green algae.  

I started dosing the tank daily with KNO3/MgSO4, and have finally gotten a
measurable Nitrate level of 5-10ppm.  Algae is now hard to find.  

A few weeks ago, I was getting very compact new growth, so I started adding
Flourish.  Now new growth looks good, but I'm starting to see some leaves
(like on my banana plants) that are pale green, but the veins are dark
green.  I've read that this is a manganese deficiency.  I see that Flourish
contains manganese, but I'm not sure if I should add more Flourish than I'm
currently adding.  Right now I'm adding about 3ml to my 75g tank every 2 or
3 days.  I'm going to get an Iron test kit.  Would I be able to determine
proper dosing levels of Florish by measuring the Iron?  Or do I need to get
a seperate Manganese trace additive?   If so, anyone got any suggestions on
a good source?

Chuck Gadd