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blue green algae

> hi group.

Hi lone :-)

> this is my 1st posting so i hope it finds its way.
> i am having an outbreak of blue green algae in all my tanks.
> some have added fertilisers in them and others don't.
> the ph is around 7 in all tanks, some have CO2 injection and others don't.
> Lighting is different in all tanks by intensity and type of bulbs.
> i feel it has been introduced through the water supply as that is the only
> common factor.

First of all, if you are in presence of blue algae, you can smell the water
and if you have a quite intense odor, yes that's it, you have blue algae...
It doesn't matter the quality of water you have! This low blow can grow in
any water!!! You probably introduced it via a fish or a new plant...

> Does anybody know how to get rid of it?

the only way to get rid of it is to add erythromycin. You will find this
antibiotic in some medicine you will ask your druggist... If you are kind
with him (her?) you will have it without any prescription... This is what we
do here in France... and you will have it for almost nothing compared to the
aquaristik drugs that are really too espensive.

When you will add the drug (1 ml for 1 liter) don't filter on activated
carbon... but let everything in the tank... Let the medecine in the water
during 5 days, then you can remove it by changing 20% of water and filtering
on activated carbon during 2 days...

To see how the product will make the blue algae die, you can pour the
medicine diluted with aquarium water directly on them... in a few minutes,
they will dissapear! But let the drug act some days to kill this whole
shity low blow everuwhere in the tank...

After that they will never come back, but be careful when introducing new
fish or plants...