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Plant Search Engine

Hi everyone.

I would like you all to test my Plant Search Engine.

With that engine, you can easily find:
    Low light plant
    Plant who can grow in hard water
    Plants from south America
    Who does not get taller than 5 cm.

Or a combination of all this and more.

Please take a look.

And try to double click on a search result.

If you find any error, or have a suggestion about improvement. Don't
hesitate to use the form to mail me.

There seems to be a problem with some version of Netscape 4.0x, because that
Netscape does not comply completely with Java 1.1 but there should be a
patch to solve this (somewhere on the net)

With many Thanks

Soren ' Disky ' Reinke  ICQ #1413069

Please visit my Freshwater Aquaria Webpage

Now available:

    The internets first PLANT SEARCH ENGINE

If email replying to this mail, remove ' ihsyd ' from email address