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Re: compact fluorescent or VHO lights

MarsalaSix at aol_com sez:
> I have 29 gallons so a 
>  20w flourescent (what I have) seems low.  My hood is a full top (I can't 
>  metal halide) and the most I can fit is two 24" flourescents, which would 
>  40w.  But after studying I have discovered HO and VHO and compact 
>  flourescents, the latter where apparently I can cram 2-55watt bulbs in the 
>  light strip (a good 110w right there.)  So that's what I am looking at 
>  but I haven't found high-quality lighting available for sale locally and 
> have 
>  had only two successful searches on the net.  And I am not totally sure 
>  the net companies are selling would fit over my tank.  Plus the prices 
>  definately not compact.

Check out the kits at www.ahsupply.com.  Call and ask Kim about a 2x40 or 
2x55 or 2x36W kit.  I think the 2x36 would fit with the lamps end-to-end (you 
would have to stagger them a little or they might overlap an inch or so in 
the middle) and make a neat installation.  The 40W lamps are the most 
economical, but they are 22.5 inches long You can order 36W and 40W 
replacement 5000K lamps from your local GE commercial lighting supplier.  I 
have never ordered anything from ahsupply yet, but I have corresponded with 
them, and there are lots of testimonials on the WWW.

Best regards,