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Re: Saying it correctly

Tom Brennan wrote "This is kind of a good link for people like us....t
he phonetically impaired

I scrolled just a few pixels there and red lights went off:

  "ornatus = or-NAY-tus
   macropodus = macro-POE-dus 
   punctatus = punc-TAY-tus"

and later "Geophagus = Jeo-FAY-gus"

I can't see the point of learning Latin pronunciation with a broad 
American accent, making diphthongs out of the pure vowels. 
Having lived many years in Italy,  I can guarantee you that 
Classical Latin -- and Italian for that matter -- were never 
pronounced  like that. 

ornatus = or-NAH-tus
macropodus = macro-PO-dus 
punctatus = punc-TAH-tus

Granted, a speaker may very well color pronunciation with his 
or her own accent, but that's no reason to corrupt or change
the model. 

And why a silent "g" in "Gnathochromis = Nath-o-CHROME-iss"
It's silent in English, not Latin.