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Re:Compact flourescents


The best site I've found for converting to CF lighting is AH supply. Lots of people on the list can provide testimonials as to the quality and service of the products offered. Go here: http://www.ahsupply.com/.
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> Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 19:15:35 EST
> From: MarsalaSix at aol_com
> Subject: compact fluorescents/VHO
> Hi, it's the browned plant person.  Thank you for all of the help and 
> response, I'm very grateful, heaps of thanks.  Right now I am attacking my 
> situation via lighting, before I get a fresh batch of plants.  I went and 
> read about a general rule, "2 to 5 watts per gallon."  I have 29 gallons so a 
> 20w flourescent (what I have) seems low.  My hood is a full top (I can't do 
> metal halide) and the most I can fit is two 24" flourescents, which would be 
> 40w.  But after studying I have discovered HO and VHO and compact 
> flourescents, the latter where apparently I can cram 2-55watt bulbs in the 
> light strip (a good 110w right there.)  So that's what I am looking at doing, 
> but I haven't found high-quality lighting available for sale locally and have 
> had only two successful searches on the net.  And I am not totally sure what 
> the net companies are selling would fit over my tank.  Plus the prices were 
> definately not compact.  If anyone has experience with these types of bulbs, 
> or VHO's for that matter, and knows of a good place to get them, once again, 
> heaps of thanks.
> - --Rachel