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Stodola book

Sombody asked about plant books. I like the Stodola book a lot and
sombody just posted an ad on usenet trying to sell 2.

>From: "Mcdaphnia at msn_com" <Mcdaphnia at email_msn.com>
>Subject: The Innes Book, 19th Edition  &  Aquarium Plants
>Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 14:54:42 -0500


>Two copies of Aquarium Plants, text by Jiri Stodola, pb, 128pp. 125 species
>in color illus.
>First copy: Like new condition.
>                 $6.00
>Second copy: Slightly fingered, cover very faded -- red, yellow, and green
>are nearly gone. Bottom
>of front cover is bent and slightly gummy from a price tag remnant. "Store
>Copy" is
>magic-markered on front cover. Inside illustrations are in fine condition,
>no fading.
>                 $2.00
>Buyer pays shipping or mailing costs.
>Contact Mcdaphnia at msn_com

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