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LaMotte Kits: hidden cost

I have a number of LaMotte test kits and am very pleased with them,
especially since I need to measure very low levels. Unfortunately
I discovered that two of the tests are even more expensive then

Their Iron Kit #7787 and Phosphate Kit #7416 are both
advertised in a That Fish Place catalog as having reagents
for 50 tests. Both kits (and both refills) are for only 30 tests.
The Iron is correctly given as 30 test at the LaMotte
website, so the TFP catalog was either their own typo or bad
copy given to them. In the case of Phosphate, the LaMotte
site itself incorrectly states the number of tests as 50.

Bottom line: these two kits are even more $ than you are
led to believe. While the major cost is for the comparator,
not the reagents -- caveat emptor.