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Hi All

Thanks to those of you who responded to my plea for help/advise.  I lowered 
the water by 50% when I noticed the brace was loose and the front and back 
panes straightened. I had cut/scraped off all the old silicone before doing 
that incase the gap between the brace and the back glass closed as the 
pressure eased.  Later today I will re silicone it - didn't get to do it 
with all the Christmas going ons.  I was actually thinking of removing the 
silicone holding the other end as well and redoing both ends.  What do you 
think, worth the effort?

While I had that thought in mind, another thought that came to mind was 
removing the brace!  One of the problems that I have lighting this tank was 
the center brace.  Being in the center, I was limited to 2 or 4 
lights.  The tank is a 180 gal and I currently have 2x150 watts 5200K MHD 
lamps over it.  I wondered if the lighting level would be too low 1.6:1 
ratio, but the MHDs seem to have very good penetration into the water and 
there are tiny bubbles everywhere.  As the tank is not established yet, I 
guess I won't know if the quality of light that the MHDs put out is better 
and therefore sufficient or if I have to increase the lighting level.

I think that 4x150 watts might be too much, so by not putting the brace 
back in the center I will be able to put one more light there.  Maybe I 
should use a temporary brace in the form of a clamp.  This way If I need to 
add another lamp, I will then put in 2 braces to divide the surface into 3.

What do you all think?

In sunny Singapore - if it's not raining!

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