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SeaChem's onyx sand

Well, I broke down and got some of this the other day.
Nice stuff with a good color to it. Kind of a dark grey. Jet black and shiny
black gravels /sands looks weird IMO but this looks nice. Does make the tank
look darker though............................OK if you want a dark look or
have fish that like dark sand bottoms. This stuff would be great for AF sand
dwellers like C furicfers or O.ventralis etc.............
I got the "sand" ......as the "gravel" look very (too) large. The size of
the grains are very variable with many going down to 0.5mm and under.
Appears like it may compact if it is layered deep.
Not sure but will give it a try. Good canidate for a RFUG or shallow gravel
beds. A little larger and nice roundish grains about 2mm would be perfect.
Would also be a good gravel if you wish to add a smaller sand over the
Flourite /larger size gravels for a layered substrate.
    Are you listening in Greg Morin? 2-3 mm and round! A nice
single**light** color would be good too. Even the red color in the reg
Flourite as a single color would be good. Just my 2 cents.

Note on darker gravels(black etc).............they hide algae very well.
This may or may not be a good thing for you! We'll see how it does as time

Have a Ho!Ho!Ho!  and a merry X-mas.
Tom Barr