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Hair Algae and Iron

Hi all,

    I just set up a 45 gallon tank (36x12x24) with a 96 watt CF and reflector on 12,
off 12, CO2 injection and Flourite substrate. The tank has had plants in it for about
three or four weeks. In the aquarium are many big sword plants, Gymnocoronis,
Alternanthera reinkeckii, Lilaeopsis brazilensis and Saggitaria. Lately I have been
getting a lot of hair algae. It comes off the leaves fairly easily but is rather
annoying. I have been using Seachem's Flourish as a fertilizer but the last time I
used it I got green water. I successfully diatomed it out about three days ago. My
questions is is the hair algae there because of too much iron? I really doubt it
because some of my swords are turning a little yellow. I am worried however to add
more Flourish because of what happened the last time. Should I use Flourish Iron

    I have Farlowellas, Otocinclus and an ancistrus in there for algae, but none of
them eat the hair algae. I just read at The Krib some information on Ameca splendens
and I would like to try some of them out. How many do you think I should use? Any
help on what to do would be much appreciated.


Tim Marks