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Otos and CAE's

At 09:56 PM 12/23/99 -0500, Dinyar wrote:

>Re the recent discussion on otocinclus, it may be worth pointing out that
>there are some 20 species in this genus... Admittedly, only about a dozen
or so are
>regularly seen in the trade, with O. vestitus and O. vittatus being the two
>most common. These two do indeed generally conform to Karen Randall's
>description below.

I tried to make it clear that I was talking about the couple of species
most likely to be encountered.  And yes, there are a bunch more species in
the genus, and several other similar genera as well.  But the bottom line
is that _none_ of them are easily confused with a CAE.

>But just as it can be misleading to talk about "Amazon swords" as if they
>were the one or two Echinodorus species commonly seen at your LFS, so too
>should it be recognized that "otos" are a diverse and interesting group to
>whom we do a disservice in equating with one or two common species.

Not nearly as much of a disservice as equating them with CAE's ;-)


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