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Re: otto or CAE???

>Hello folks!
>First of all, I would like to thank all the people here that had help me in
identifying my ottos.  Till now,I really like to believe that what I got are
ottos but I'm still not sure whether they are CAE or ottos.
>Most of the information is about identifying SAE apart from the false SAE.
But how about CAE and ottos?  I can't find a real picture of CAE.  All I
found are handdrawn pictures.  And it does looks like an otto.
>I've asked a few FS and all of them said they are known as algae-eater.
Well I guess mine are most likely CAE.  I hope someone can clear this up for
>Thanks to everyone that have helped me previously in other problems that I
have.  Merry Christmas everyone!
>Best Regards,

I should be really easy to see if you have CAE or oto's.

Simply by the size, oto's don't get bigger than max 2" CAE can easily get 4"
and more.

Merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone

With many Thanks

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