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I'd like to display your tank & driftwood Pics!

I'd like to setup a new page dedicated to the driftwood and plant art of
the emphasis would be driftwood stump designs (my fav) and ANY original
design, though all attractive submissions w/ driftwood would be just perfect. 

I ran into this perfect pic at the Aquaria Corner site; "Baalzomon's fish
page":  http://www.cyberway.com.sg/~allanon/index1.htm  Who is Baalzomon?
I just loovveee that stump pic!  Its the perfect minimalist garden style
and a great example of the "Suburban Garden Americana" discussion of a few
months back.  

I'd prefer to retrieve your pic from an online link.  It will be displayed
on my page when completed with the name of the Aquarist & photographer
whose design it is as well as a brief description of the tank perimeters.

I am especially interested in seeing the work done by those of you who
bought Australian Pine DW stumps from me; I'm curious to see just how those
pieces are being applied and displayed.   I continue to be impressed and
amazed at the creatvity and genius of you list-lurkers! :-) 

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