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Re: brown streaks on amazon sword

On Wed, 22 Dec 1999, erdoz1 wrote:

> I am suddenly seeing browning of large amazon sword leaves.  The plants
> appear healthy--putting out new leaves and even propagating by runners.
> The browning has suddenly appeared--one large leaf has a brown stripe
> down the center vein; another leaf is half brown--I know my husband
> added liquid iron supplement yesterday.
> Any ideas as to cause?

When I see similar symptoms I attribute it to nitrogen deficiency.  The
plant is reclaiming nitrogen from older less productive leaves and using
it to support new, more productive growth.  The old leaves frequently die
back from the end and along the central vein, sometimes producing a
distinct "V" pattern in the dying leaf.  I treat it with bits of Jobes
sticks pushed to about mid-depth in the substrate around the base of the

Roger Miller