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Re: Cabomba & Escargots

on 01:48 PM 12/21/99 , Arnaud ELGER wrote:

>There are 7 species of Cabomba (according to COOK, 1990). But are you sure
>your plant is one of them ? All the Cabomba species have whorled or opposite
>submerged leaves. In your message, you told about alternate leaves : other
>species have such leaves, some Myriophyllum, for instance. In fact, it would
>be easier to identify your plant with either a picture or a description of
>flowers. Sincerely yours,

I think Cabomba is just hard to grow *consistently*. In other words, try 
setting up 10 tanks with different fish and lighting and water conditions, 
and it won't grow in all of them.

It survives, but isn't pretty, in my 30 gal tank with optimum lighting, 
CO2, and daily trace element and nitrate additions. Most other plants I try 
thrive in this tank. The Cabomba grows, but it grows sideways, and with a 
longer-than-normal distance between leaves.

I took some of the more normal-looking (but pale) stems and put them in my 
new 15 gal tank, no CO2, irregular fertilization, and they're looking 
beautiful and growing out of the tank. Who knows...

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