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Re: Bent fish

> Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 12:48:44 -0600
> From: "Berryman, David" <DBerryma at AspenMed_org>
> Subject: Bent fish
> I am starting to see my Neon's get some funny bends in their backs.  1st I
> notice that they get a white spot, then shortly after that, they get all
> bent out of shape, literally.  It's like they have broken backs.  The one
> Neon that has had this the longest has been this way for about 8 months.  He
> has not died, nor does it seem to affect his swimming, and eating.  Do I
> need to worry about this?

This could be neon tetra disease.  Is the white spot a loss of color along
the stripe?  If so, it's neon tetra disease.  It's bacterial.  I've been 
able to "cure" it, but the fish never regained the color that was lost.  I
used a antibiotic, I'm pretty sure it was Nalagram, but I can check if you
want.  Mine never got to the point where it deformed the fish, but I've 
read that it can do so.  I also never had it spread to any other fish 
besides neons.  Not even my glow-lite tetras were effected.

Chuck Gadd