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Subject: CustomSeaLife vs. Hamilton Technology Lighting Systems

  >Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 00:41:29 -0600
  >From: afishy <afishy at gateway_net>
  >Subject: CustomSeaLife vs. Hamilton Technology Lighting Systems
  >Does anybody have a good comparison between the Compact Flourescent
  >lighting systems that are manufactured by CustomSeaLife and Hamilton
  >Technology? The feedback that I have gotten in the past for
  >CustomSeaLife is that it is a very good product with the only exception
  >that the cooling unit fan is a bit loud. Does anybody have any feedback
  >on Hamilton Technology?

CustomSeaLife carries the Panasonic bulbs.  Hamilton Technology carries
German & Panasonic bulbs (of course that you may specify).  The 2 types of
bulbs, their end-pins and the end-caps on the fixtures are all different and
*incompatible*.  So once you have decided on one type, you will have to
stick with it.

According to the advertisement by Hamilton, some of their German bulbs are
30% brighter and the blue ones are genuine actinic blue, instead of the
Panasonic's 'blue'.  I don't really know whatever that means or whether to
believe them or not.  But I am merely reproducing what their ads say.  I
have no info on the ABS fixtures or cooling-fan used either.

There are other newer compact fluorescents released onto the market as well.
One manufacturer being Philips, another being Osram, then some brands from
Asia too.  In Asia, they called the CF bulbs PL lighting.  Some of these PL
bulbs have bi-color on one tube.  That is, one side white and one side blue
on the same bent tube.  Pretty unique.

Merry X'mas to everyone!

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  >Thanks, and everybody have a good holiday!!
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