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re: Idiot's club or.... just having fun with planted fish tanks.

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Jamie N wrote:

> I believe your message is this:
> "Set up a tank, play with it a little, try new things, don't become over
> trapped in the water chemistry details and above all have FUN!"
> If that's your message then I agree with your 100%.

Hi, Jamie,

You put it all so well.  Yes, generally, that's what I was trying to

Don't get too bog down by all the nitty-gritty details.  Instead, focus
more on the aquascaping part.  Think about a composition or a theme
before buying the plants, fish, driftwood or rocks.  

I'm a great fan of Amano.  I hope I won't raise any hackles by saying
this but I think the man has revolutionalise the hobby.  He has elevated
it into an art form.  The pictures in his books have inspired me to try
for greater heights.  Before, I simply try to use up all the real estate
in my tank by growing as many different types of plants as possible. 
Now, I plan before embarking on a new aquascape.  I think about the
driftwood that I want to use, their shapes and where they will be
positioned in the tank.  I think about the plants which would complement
each other and the right fish to go along with it.

If you had noticed, almost all the plants that I use in my tank are
low-light ones that do not require regular trimming.  Contrary to what
some folks said here before, not all Amano tanks require high
maintenance.  But being who he is, obviously he would have to include
some "very high maintenance tanks" in his books.  As far as I know,
these are the tanks which would catch the eye of a beginner.  They
usually are the ones who are most impressed by the beautiful stem plants
and the bubbling Riccia.  But if you own any of Amano books, take a
closer look.  There are many tanks shown inside which require only
minimal maintenance.

Loh K L