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OK, this is probably a dumb question, but here it goes.  With all the current 
postings about overcoming nitrogen deficiencies by dosing with KNO3, or 
supplementing with Jobes sticks, why couldn't a liquid houseplant fertilizer, 
such as Liquid Miracle-Gro, be used as a supplement?  According to the back, 
this contains, "Total Nitorgen 8%. 1.2% ammoniacal nitrogen, 1.2% nitrate 
nitrogen, 5.6% urea nitrogen.  Available phosphate P2O5 7%. Soluble potash 
K2O 6%. Iron 0.10% chelated iron.  Derived from ammonium phosphate; 
monopotassium phosphate; potassium nitrate; urea; iron HEDTA."  Obviously, 
the added phosphate is not desirable, but I already have enough phosphate in 
my water that I always run Phosguard, or a similar phosphate remover, in my 
filter. If I'm already doing this on a constant basis, the additional 
phosphate should also be removed.  So what am I missing?  Is there something 
toxic (to plants or fish) that I'm missing, or would this work on a limited