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Cabomba & Escargots

Dear all,
How many varieties of Cabomba are there? I ask because I have seen it typed 
many times that Cabomba needs a real rich substrate, CO2 and 4 watts/gal to 

Why then did I have a veritable forest in my 10g with no CO2, *gravel* 
substrate and a 15w aqua-glo?!  

No other plant,  not even an *Elodea*(!!!) would grow in this tank yet the 
cabomba grew like jiminy split!

Is there another real easy plant that looks a little like a cabomba? 
Cylindrical ~2mm stem, alternate fan shaped very finely divided leaves, 
emerald green, branches a little, will curl across top of water like a Val 
when it gets too long?

On a totally different topic, has anyone else had problems with watersprite 
and snails? I acqiured from some plant or other a medium sized ramshorn snail 
who has toasted my rock-tethered watersprite. (Toasted him right back in 
revenge. How many snails can one fry in the average light canopy? *evil 
laughter* :) He really has minced it, its more or less a brown skelington 
now. He hasn't touched any other plants. 

This happen to anyone else?