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Daphnia culture in D.C.

    Can anyone tell me where to find a daphnia culture in the Washington, 
D.C. area?
    I have ordered a culture from L.F.S. Cultures today, but don't really 
expect to have it in hand this year.(http://www.lfscultures.com/home.html.  
Seems like a neat place- if it's a live fish food culture, they have it.  
They even have the wingless fruit flies someone was asking about on this list 
a while ago.)  I expect the slow service because they don't take credit cards 
    I have a severe green water problem I would like to see if the daphnia 
can cure.  The 65 gal. tank has four ottos and a farlowella.  I figure if the 
daphnia fix the water, my cories will have a feast when I put them in the 
    This green water problem is severe enough (cannot see five inches into 
tank) that I do not mind paying for a second culture if I can just get it 
    The tank has been set up for five weeks.  192 watts/six hours per day 
(just cut from ten).  NO3 ~10 ppm.  PO4 was <.5 ppm,and added a phosphate 
pillow yesterday.  TMG sometimes.  Dave Gomberg's CO2 kit.  Tank is packed 
with Hygro, giant hygro, anacharis, hygro Sunset, dwarf sag. I don't want to 
buy a UV sterilizer or diatom filter, but will if I have to.  I am patient, 
and the plants and fish seem OK.
    Thanks for any suggestions.
Pierre Gagne
Silver Spring, MD