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Re: Tex Blast

ILeah writes:

>  Someone recommended that I use Tex-Blast sand blasting sand to mix with
>  flourite.  Where would I find this sand?  In a fish store (I've never seen
>  it there)?  Hardware store?  home depot place?

Tex-Blast may be hard to find as far away as Rhode Island.  If you want to 
find it, look in the yellow pages under "sand blasting supplies".  Being a 
natural silica-based sand, it has been dropped from most inventories because 
of health concerns.  Some pool supply stores now carry it as a filter sand.  
They have re-organized the name and it is now known as "Blast-Tex" or some 
such thing.  There are a lot of other sands that are cheaper in Rhode Island, 
simply because of the shipping costs all the way across the country.

Silicon-carbide blasting medium works well, but is a bit spendy.  Other 
pool-filter sands can also be used, if you find one with an esthetically 
pleasing color.

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator