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An Idiot's Tank

Hi, folks,

You know, I've been a subscriber of this list for quite a long time now,
something like 2 years.  I lurked most of the time and have only posted
one or two messages in the past, nothing of any real significance or
substance.  Well, maybe that isn't quite true if you count the posts
that I forwarded from Vectrapoint long ago concerning their Aqua
Journal.  That one raised a few hackles and I got a reprimand from the
list mom.  That's all history now but thank you to Cynthia Powers for
letting me stay on the list.

The main reason why I hardly say anything on this list is because I have
difficulties following the discussions.  Up to this day, I still don't
understand the relationship between Kh and Ph and why is it so important
to aquatic plants.  Needless to say, I have never done anything to alter
either of these two parameters in my tank.  Needless to say too, what I
have is just one very average tank.  Well, I guess I'm just an idiot who
happens to like growing aquatic plants.  I don't own any test kits and
even if I go and buy some now, I really wouldn't know why and what I'm
going to test for.  Nitrates, phospates and what have you, I really
haven't got a clue what they do to our tanks.

But you know what, someone here in Singapore set up an aquaria website
and my tank has been voted "Tank of the Month".  Sheesh, whaddaya
know!!!!  Take note that there is no bribery or cronyism involved
because I have never met any of the website administrators.

If you like to take a look at my tank, please click on:


Warmest regards and I hope I didn't raise any hackles this time.

By the way, a few subscribers on this list received the Triangular Moss
(sometimes known as Christmas Moss) from me some time ago.  If any of
you are reading this post, I'll be happy if you let me know how the
Mosses are doing.  Thanks.

Loh K L