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CO2 tank supplier in Canada

Hi there
	I got a 5 lb tank from a make your own beer shop. It cost 
about $75 Cdn. Then you need to go to a fire extinguisher refill 
place to get it filled. If you go this route check the date that is 
stamped on the side of the cylinder. These tanks need to be static 
tested every 5 years or you won't be able to get it filled.  Try and 
get one with a more recent date. I just had mine tested and it was 
$20 for the test. I live in Niagara Falls so this info isn't to 

I am looking for a C02 tank in Canada for the high pressure system which I
ordered from Dave Gomberg. Do any canadians out there have any
recommendations on where they located their CO2 tanks?

I am based in London, Ontario if that helps.

~Jamie N