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Re:CO2 tank supplier in Canada


    Canada being a rather large place, you probably want to narrow it down a
little, as the charges to have a tank shipped to you would probably be
prohibitive. I had good luck with a local company that sells and services
fire extinguishers. A tank will probably set you back around $100, and they
should be able to refill it for about $30. Check in your local Yellow Pages.

    Hope this helps,

              Ron Barter
              Perth, Ontario

>Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 09:05:11 EST
>From: "Jamie Noble" <jnoble123 at hotmail_com>
>Subject: CO2 tank supplier in Canada
>I am looking for a C02 tank in Canada for the high pressure system which I 
>ordered from Dave Gomberg. Do any canadians out there have any 
>recommendations on where they located their CO2 tanks?
>I am based in London, Ontario if that helps.
>~Jamie N