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Re: APD #1453-Algae eaters


The link you are looking for is:
The KRIB:      http://www.thekrib.com/

Identifying different algae eaters with drawings: The krib  ---> Fish & other
animals  --->(carps and barbs)  ---> Siamese Algae Eaters  at

also you should be able to find Otocinclus info:
The krib  ---> Fish & other animals  --->(catfish)  --->Otocinclus   at

Ron Dubbs
Brighton,  TN

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>  Unfortunately, the APD search engine did not find that post for me.
> Before this, I'm sure mine are ottos but now, i think i need some
clarification from the gurus in the APD.
> Regards,
> Joo