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Water Test results

I have now tested my water twice at 7 day intervals. The test occurrs just 
prior to a 25% water change. I'm a little curious about the results.

Item:          Test # 1:            Test # 2:
=====          =========            =========

pH             7.8                  7.8
Ammonia        0                    0
Nitrite        0                    0
Nitrate        0                    0
KH             6 degrees/107.4 ppm  5 degrees/89.5 ppm
GH             8 degrees/143.2 ppm  9 degrees/161.1ppm
Phosphate      0 ppm                0 ppm

The phosphate test is a Lamotte Test kit. All other kits are Aquarium 
Pharmaceuticals. This tank does not use C02 (although a kit from Dave 
Gomberg is in shipment). I also have ordered a test kit for Iron from Dave. 
I currently use Tropica Mastergrow for the fertilizer.

There is some plant growth on a daily basis although the largest spurts seem 
to occur about the second day after a water change.

Question # 1:

I've searched the Krib for an article listing recommended optimal KH/GH 
values but so far without luck (I know this would vary according to plant 
types but at least a minimum/maximum range would be nice). Any thoughts on 
these values above?

Question # 2:

I understand that the limiting factor in a tank can often stop plant growth. 
I am quite surprised to see 0 Nitrate and 0 phosphate. Thoughts? I think the 
plants are probably eating Ammonia rather then producing Nitrate but the 
lack of Phosphate is a surprise.

Question # 3:

Whatever I should have asked but didn't.

As always I appreciate your help.

~Jamie N

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