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Colorless new growth...

I have been monitoring my tank closely since I installed some additional 
Triton lights, added Flourite to the substrate, and started using "leaf 
zone" 0-0-3 by Aquarium Phamaceutacles, and "Kent" freshwater micronutrient 
plus iron.

I have had faster growth on the Hornwort, Appon. Lace, and the Crypts, but 
the new leaves seem to lack partially if not completely, green color.  The 
hornwort especially has grown fast, but is between white and light pink.  
The only hint of green is the very tip of the growth.

I do water changes 20-30% per week with deionized water with some tap mixed 
in.  The hardness is about 80ppm in the test, and the pH is 6.4, with a temp 
of 80F.  I do not supplement with co2... yet, and I have a wet/dry filter 
with an undergravel as a secondary.  I don't know the iron content, and I 
don't know the Nitrate level.

Any suggestions for the next place to start?

Thanks for any help!

On a side note, I just had a "Lights of America" fixture 2 weeks out of the 
box nearly destroy a new Triton bulb!  I notice one morning when the timer 
kicked on the light didn't light right up, and was humming more than usual.  
I took out the triton and put in an older gro-lux, and within one week the 
gro-lux would not illuminate, and had dark ends.. Burned cathode?  I think 
I'll keep the fixture and add a balast!  Thanks to the recent thread, I kept 
an eye on it and just happened to catch it before it was too late!


Phil Eaton
Dallas, TX
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