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Re: Re: Hydrologix

Tom wrote:
>>The riccia rocks look like they are about tear off if they grow any. Lava
rocks work better IMO than the smooth river stones. Buy a hairnet......it
takes 10 seconds to toss some Riccia in there with a rock and just buy loose
Riccia instead. Save your money and do it yourself. <<

Well sure Tom..if you dont trim it will break off. Keep it trimmed and it
should be fine. They look a lot neater, porportioned, and better fastened
than anything I have tried!

>>Compare Dave Gomberg's CO2 stuff to their CO2 stuff also. Smaller and
cheaper. The reactors look like saltwater clones not FW plant reactors. You
certainly do not need such a monster unless you have a 3000 gallon tank.
Again simple reactors are very easy to build and the CO2 equipment is also
easy to obtain by looking through the archives. Perhaps some DIY kits for
reactors -again-might be in order here.<<

I think it comes down to low pressure vs. high pressure systems. You can buy
Daves high pressure gauges at any beer supply company. I have both, and I am
unconvinced that high pressure is any better or more accurate, in fact it
seems much more difficult to ajust the flow. Then you need to compare the
use of reactors as opposed to the airstone...

What interested me the most about them is their substrate heaters. I dont
know of anyone else in the USA who is making them. I will leave the merit
debate to the dupla followers!

Robert Paul H
plants for sale