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RE:Emersed tanks

>At spring time I'll move the experiment one step further and place the 
>box outdoors under filtered sunligth. Wanna see how these low light plants 
>-Ivo Busko
> Baltimore, MD

Try higher light plants too! They do well too.
I wanted to add something also.

The fungus/molds = the algae of terrestrial plants. To get rid of them ,
flood the
tank! To get rid of algae, get rid of the water. This will keep all at bay I
believe. Are there amphibious molds and fungus? There are plants but not
algae and perhaps not many molds and fungus. There aren't many algae that
can survive long out of water so why not apply it in reverse for molds and
Seems like a good notion. Am I wrong? Comments?

Tom Barr