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Hi is anyone interested in Aquatic Plants

Hi, Im currently selling Aquatic Plants On ebay.  The package includes 6 
varitey of plants and each with 2 bunches of 7 stems. If your interested in 
seeing the type of plants go to 

More info on the plants  (The Plants are very hardy and are good for newly 
established tanks.  All plants grow very quick except the cryptocorne which 
will grow in limited light.  The only plant that will be different in care 
than the others is the Mayeca which has needs similar to to cabomba and 
ambulia.  If given moderate light and a fertilizer it will grow 
exceptionally. One of the most beautiful aquatic plants ive ever owned.  
Other than that all plants are very good for beginners and should be easy to 
take of. Thankyou for reading. )