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Seachem: Onyx

Greetings to all,

The much awaited ONYX from seachem is now available.  Here is an e-mail I
received from them earlier today when I made an enquiry about the Black

(from SeaChem)
We are still working on getting Flourite Black to market... however, 
if you check our web site you will see we have just come out 
(yesterday) with a new black gravel and sand, called Onyx. It works 
well in all types of aquariums, not just freshwater. It has been 
shipping for the past 2 weeks to distributors so it should be 
available by mail order in the local shops soon. You can read more 
about it at http://www.seachem.com/new.html
(end of mail from SeaChem)

I also checked their webpage on this new Onyx.  Here is the information they had
for it:

(start of webpage info)
Following in line with the tremendous success we have seen with our product
Flourite[tm], we have investigated other possible substrates for aquariums. We
are now proud to offer two new products, Onyx Gravel[tm] and Onyx
Sand[tm]. Both are naturally sourced fracted substrates for both saltwater and
freshwater aquaria. Onyx Gravel[tm] and Onyx Sand[tm] are exceptionally
concentrated in iron and supply other important nutrients such as magnesium and
manganese. Gravel modifiers such as laterite are therefore not necessary. Though
very effective for freshwater planted aquaria, Onyx Gravel[tm] and Onyx Sand[tm]
are useful in all aquarium applications including saltwater, reef, or African
cichlid aquaria. Additionally, Onyx Gravel[tm] and Onyx Sand[tm] provide a
slight buffering capability that works to stabilize pH for the long term success
of any aquatic environment. 
(end of web page info)

The black sand (Onyx sand?) is very appealling to me.  I wanted to set up
one of my 55gal tanks with about 40 cardnals, a few plants ( 1 amazon sword
I have takes up about 1/3 of the tank) and a black substrate.

My question now is, what is the differance between the Onyx gravel and the
Flourite Black?

-Lee E. Krieger
Aquarium hobbyst  ;-)