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No Subject

Jin.Kim at zenith_com wrote:

After doing some research, I just purchased the
Olympus D-340Rand I love it!  It's MRSP is $299.  It
can take 1280x960 pictures and cantake
pictures as close as 4 inches.  

Check out www.dcresource.com/reviews
pictures from others.  I've been very happy with my
aquarium pictures and pictures in general from this
camera.  Only thing is that it's harder to find
now than just a month ago.  A lot of places are
already sold out for the holidays......

I got the chance to use it a couple weeks ago when my
friend bought it. Yea, it's worth the money. If you
want to get it, you still can find it at www.buy.com
or www.egghead.com.

I just bought myself a 500 bucks Epson PhotoPc 800
instead. It's a 2 megapixel camera (1200 X 1600).
Besides the macro feature, it has a panoramic feature
which is very useful for me to take full view of my
36" L tank. I never find it so easy to take
pics(especially for my fish tank). I no longer need a
tripod and keep focusing with my 35 mm SLR. Also, no
more worries about getting a macro lens and what
exposure to use in order to produce a descent tank
pics. I just point and shoot with the new digital
camera now and the pics are well exposed:P  Too bad
that it has no optical zoom like D340R.

Try one digital camera yourself and you will know what
I mean.

Kean Huat 

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