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Enriched Substrate & Burrowing Fish

I have just set up a 40 gallon tank with special substrate.  Will
burrowing Fish like eels and botias cause problems by bringing the
laterite up to the surface?

The substrate is a 1.5 inch base of fluorite with laterite mixed in at
the recommended 1 lb/gal rate.  Then added 1 bag of Fluorish tabs (about
14 I think) plus  about 8 Jobes sticks (13-5-5).  Covered with 1.5
inches of conventional gravel.   Planted with what I had available -
couple of large swords, hygrophila, plus java moss and elodea to suck up
the nutrients that leak out of the into the water column.

Did I go overboard on the substrate?  Is adding laterite to fluorite a
waste of money?