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Re: Any Good Aquatic Plants Book?

Kean Huat Yeap wrote:

>Hi! I'm thinking about getting a complete and good
>aquatic plants book which covers plants care,
>propagation, good pictures and etc.
>Can you guys please suggest a couple books to me? 
>I'm thinking of getting 
>Aquarium Plants: Their Identification, Cultivation and
>by Karel Rataj and  Thomas J. Horeman
>Is this book good enough?
>Any suggestion is appreciated.

I had a chance of reading Rataj & Horeman's book on loan from a friend. 
The best plant book I've seen so far. It's not flashy, many pictures are 
in black and white. But as reference material, it's superb. It describes
a lot of plant species and gives information about their natural habitat 
as well, something I found difficult to find anywhere else. Definiteley
worth the price IMHO.

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD