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RE: Aponogeton?

> have what I was told were A. Crispus, but I have a sneaky suspistion that a
>few are actually A. longiplumulosus.  Can anyone tell me if there is any
>major differences that would help me to tell which ones are which?  I really
>like them as they are one of the few plants that do well in my tank.  On a
>side note, I have found the perfect use for my plastic plants...they make
>great bases on which to grow my Java Moss...I now have a great looking moud
>at the back on one side and am working on creating a similar one on the

The flowers will be different. Long has two spikes and crispus has one per
Many times you'll get crispus instead of longiplum/capuroni if you order
them. Then after the plant is growing etc you come to fine out they have
only one single floral stalk. Barron's Aquarium Plants Manual by I.
Schurmann  has a nice photo of A.longi. It's a good book and cheap(about
5-6$ or so). A.capuroni is a neat plant. There are no photo's around to show
what it looks like that I'm aware of though. Guess I'll have to get on it!
Tom Barr