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>Hi Tom and Wright,
>My question is why are you going to all that trouble when the commercially
>available plates work just as well?
>A friend had to set up some tanks were there was no room for outside
>filters. RUGF run by powerheads work fine. The tanks are beautiful and the
>plants do great. Fish are healthy. Some have laterite in them, some have
>flourite by Seachem,all topped with small aquarium gravel. 
>Best Wishes,

Not every tank has a specially made plate for each tank. The cpvc idea is
better for roots needing depth. There's no extra wasted space with the
plate. More gravel and a deeper depth. Likely a more even flow over the long
term. Roots will clog certain areas no matter what though.......... Clown
loaches can't get under the plates and other fish.  Also they are
so..........much cheaper! Gives the plant keeper a degree of flexibility
also by making it to your own spec's. There are better areas of oxidation
and reduction in tube style RFUG's and roots are far less likely to tangle
in the tubes rather than the plates. There 's less "blow out" at higher flow
rates too.
I personally don't find them hard to make or that much trouble. Also I can
use any size sand, laterite powder etc without having to place a screen or
anything in the way. Works just as well? Close but I think there are many
roads to the same place<g>. I just took a different path.
While you can just buy one pre-made, the CPVC idea the aforementioned good
quailties. Both have +'s and -'s like most

Things (surrounding keeping plants) aren't as rigid as we sometimes think. I
think the main thing is................. if it works for you....then great
............and find your own system........etc.  This is certainly the case
with substrates. Many folks just don't care about it, they just want nice
plants! I like that notion myself.

Tom Barr