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Hair algae

I have a 20 gal tank UI'm raising some orange australe in. There's
a few crypts in pots, some Nomaphila and some bolbitis. The Bolbitis
had a "bit" of hair algae on it and before long it was all over the
place, an absolute jungle.

It's gone now; there's a couple of nubs on the glass that I'll mechanically
remove tonight.

All I did was add one adult pair of Florida flag fish (Jordanella
floridae) somewhere around labour day. Althought I honestly expected
the algae to be gone the same week it took them a while, but a little
bit every day I guess addsup after a while.

The flag fish are nor small fish; they look like small bass. But they
never laid a finger (fin?) on any of the comparatively small austale
or their delicate tail filamwents. I'm impressed.

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