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Re: RFUG's

Wright wrote:
>Unfortunately, I'm aware that his results, as seen in Cliff's pics, are the
>result of a lot of skills and diligence (that I lack) that have nothing to
>do with RUGF systems, too. (^_^)

My RFUG days(11 years ago when I was but a seed<g>) go back to when I
thought the java fern I bought was actually a Aponogeton crispus. I tried to
smash it into the driftwood.........
I had ****no**** clue how to grow plants, I learned the hard way but got
lucky with the substrate right off the bat. Skill/diligence has never
prevented RFUG's from doing a good job. I had none(skill or diligence!) with
plants at all back then. I saw the roots growing good so off I went........
RFUG's are one of the main reasons why I got seriously into plants in the
first place. I had a success early on even before CO2. BBA was another
Thanks for the added info on your post! Neat to hear what path others have
taken and been down.
Gets the old brain chugging away!

To fairly evaluate a system also, the needs of the other elements need to be
met like CO2, trace/macro elements, good fish loads, regular maintenance,
proper lighting and otto cats, snails, SAE's etc as so not hide the other
possible factors that might construe the results of the observations(i.e.
bad root growth due to no CO2, not enough light etc).......I've done both
the bad way (then) and (now) the good way. I believe the RFUG is a great
method and is not simply being propped up by the good prevailing growing

Tom Barr