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Re: disinfecting java moss

Ah, the procedure was a success, but the patient died.

> I just dosed a new 75g tank to kill off an outbreak of hair (stringy) algae. 
> I used KMnO4 Kordon premixed per bottle directions, for an hour and then 
> neutralized with peroxide (3 capfuls). 30% water change. Java mass burned a 
> few branches. Baby tears turned to mush, shrimp died, algae died, evething 
> else fine. Dark algae on anubia nana leaves untouched.

You "neutralized" permanganate with peroxide?  They are both strong
oxidizing agents.  In fact, according to my old chemistry text, peroxide
is a slightly stronger oxidant than permanganate.  I'm surprised you
didn't kill more.

Hair algae can be controlled by removing it, adding algae eating fish,
increasing plant density and reducing nutrient levels, lighting periods
and lighting levels.  You didn't need to sacrifice your baby tears, shrimp
and whatever else turns out to have been fatally damaged leading to slow
death just in return for a partially successful, quick and dirty algae

Roger Miller