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Doug Martin's Javamoss / Hair Algae

Unfortunately, I think the hair algae may also survive this. I have a 
quarantine tank containing a few ornaments and rock. This tank has no 
lighting, and even has a dark water extract, further blocking light. I can 
see that a ceramic barrel in there has brush or hair algae growing on it. I 
can testify to the fact that hair algae thrives under bright light, but it 
can grow otherwise.


>>Was reading on the Plant Fac (by Erik Olson) about disinfecting plants.
>>The fac cautioned, "This method can kill your plants, so use only as a
>>ast resort against hell algae." Will Java Moss tolerate bleach (19
>>parts water to one part bleach)?  The post suggested soaking up to 2
>>mins. Is potassium permangenate a less caustic treatment? I have some
>>Java Moss that is covered in hair algae and I to want salvage it. Java
>>moss is hard to come by in my area and I don't want to lose it.
>>I have an break of hair algae is in a new tank setup (Two months) and am
>>trying to slow it down. The hair algae is the soft long stringy type.
>>The tank is small and planted with Anacharis  and Java Moss. 

>I have the perfect solution!  Exploit the fact that;
>I. The only plants involved / affected are the Javamoss, algae and Anacharis.
>2. Remove the Anacharis.
>3. Cut the lights! Javamoss can GROW under roomlight, hairalgae needs
>bright light to    survive.
>In this case, dont have to mess with caustics and you won't have to 
>damage / lose anything! :-)