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Digital Camera

At 03:49 AM 12/11/1999 -0500,  Alysoun McLaughlin asked:
>If someone has strong opinions on a good/bad digital camera (I'd really like
>to get away with less than $300), I'd love to hear about their experience,
>either on-list or off-list.

I have had a digital ever since Cliff Lundberg convinced me what a good
idea it was.   I sprang for the middle ground between the $300 cheapies and
the $25,000 pro jobs.   I spent $900 on a Mavica FD-91.  That was just
exactly a year ago.  It is still the top of the Mavica line in a fast paced
market.   And I still love it.

Your problem is that you want to buy a good or very good camera at a fair
price.   This is a fast-evolving, priced at a premium market.   It's like
when color TVs were $2,000.   You knew they would get cheaper, just a
question of when.  You should be able to get a fine camera for $300, but
not this year.   Give it a couple of years for the market to mature and the
prices to fall.

Meanwhile, go to Office Max and get an Agfa Smile (which is almost a kid's
camera) for $120.   In today's market that is very fair, and you won't have
invested your wad in something that will keep you from upgrading when the
time comes.

Have fun.
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