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Re:disinfecting java moss

I just dosed a new 75g tank to kill off an outbreak of hair (stringy) algae. 
I used KMnO4 Kordon premixed per bottle directions, for an hour and then 
neutralized with peroxide (3 capfuls). 30% water change. Java mass burned a 
few branches. Baby tears turned to mush, shrimp died, algae died, evething 
else fine. Dark algae on anubia nana leaves untouched.

>Is potassium permangenate a less caustic treatment? I have some
> Java Moss that is covered in hair algae and I to want salvage it. Java
> moss is hard to come by in my area and I don't want to lose it.
> I have an break of hair algae is in a new tank setup (Two months) and
> trying to slow it down. The hair algae is the soft long stringy type.
> The tank is small and planted with Anacharis  and Java Moss.  The
> Anacharis  is sending down roots and is really growing well (No viable
> algae).  The Java Moss is covered in Hair Algae and growth has slowed
> down.  The water is crystal clear. Some of the gravel has hair Algae as
> does the corners of the tank.  I have been changing 25% of the water
> each week.