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Re: Doug Martin's Javamoss / hair algae problem

Doug Martin  wrote:

>Was reading on the Plant Fac (by Erik Olson) about disinfecting plants.
>The fac cautioned, "This method can kill your plants, so use only as a
>last resort against hell algae." Will Java Moss tolerate bleach (19
>parts water to one part bleach)?  The post suggested soaking up to 2
>mins. Is potassium permangenate a less caustic treatment? I have some
>Java Moss that is covered in hair algae and I to want salvage it. Java
>moss is hard to come by in my area and I don't want to lose it.
>I have an break of hair algae is in a new tank setup (Two months) and am
>trying to slow it down. The hair algae is the soft long stringy type.
>The tank is small and planted with Anacharis  and Java Moss. 

I have the perfect solution!  Exploit the fact that;

I.	The only plants involved / affected are the Javamoss, algae and Anacharis.
2.	Remove the Anacharis.
3.	Cut the lights! Javamoss can GROW under roomlight, hairalgae needs
bright light to 	survive.
In this case, dont have to mess with caustics and you won't have to 
damage / lose anything! :-)

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