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DIY Yeast CO2 injection

Hi all,
I'm new to this list and have two questions regarding
DIY CO2 yeast injection and a product called Aquarisol:
Alcohol is produced as a byproduct of the yeast fermentation, could the
alcohol  effect the fish in a tank with
DIY CO2 injection?I use a waterfilled 1g juice bottle as
bubblecounter, will this take alcohol fumes out of the CO2?
Hopefully Santa will bring me a CO2 bottle and all the necessary
After adding 1/2 of manufactures rec.dosage of Aquarisol once every week
w.waterchanges for 3 weeks to my 75g for an ick outbreak I noticed that my
once flourishing Glossostigma carpet started to get very thin and my
E.tennellus started to look really bad.To much copper in the water from
Aquarisol or other bad stuff in this product?On the good note it killed the
little bit of noticeable BGA in the tank.
My tank specs.:
Substrate-Seachem flourite
Ph 6.5
temp 79F
Peat filtration
I appreciate everybodys input.