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golden (yellow) sucker mouth algae eater

Hello all,

My thanks to those that responded on past questions and problems.

As I was out perusing the lfs to check out possible candidates for some algae 
control, they had an odd-looking fish I've never seen before, or heard of. I 
had checked out the Krib's site for identifying the sae, and its look-alikes. 
This particular fish, which they just called a "golden brown algae eater" or 
something along those lines, is a yellowish color, with brown, gray or black 
markings along it's side, similar to the cae and sae. Some had more of these 
markings than others. They looked very active, but worked mostly on the 
bottom of the tank, though that isn't necessarily any indication, as there 
weren't any plants in there to be worked on. Since the store didn't have 
anything remotely like what has been recommended, and it looked like an 
ambitious little bugger, I decided to give one a try.

I'd like to know what this fish is. They are rather long and slim. He seems 
to perch on the pectoral fins, as my oto will do. He's got the fastest moving 
sucker-mouth I've ever seen on a fish, and I watch him scale up the (short) 
wall of the 20 gal in about 3 seconds. His mouth works so fast it's a 
blur--no joke. I'm not too optimistic about my hairy algae, but it looks like 
he'd do a great job on walls and gravel. My main concern would be (like the 
cae) that he may share a taste for the slime coat on my other fish.